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IT Recognition + Committee

The OSU IT Recognition Committee aims to build a culture of recognition across OSU IT, drive increasing levels of engagement, and create and sustain an IT recognition program that aligns with the university-wide Talent Management initiative.

CIO Award Winners

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Awards & Recognition

There are three types of recognition:


Annual Awards

Formal awards are considered annually for OSU IT members. Know someone who's done outstanding work? Consider nominating them for one of six OSU IT annual awards!

  • OSU IT Culture and Community Award
  • OSU IT Customer Service Award
  • OSU IT Data Services Award
  • OSU IT Security Services Award
  • OSU IT Student Award
  • OSU IT Technical Services Award

Annual Award Details


CIO Recognition

The CIO is committed to an inclusive and equitable IT recognition program that supports a workplace culture that promotes and encourages the acknowledgement of OSU IT staff for contributions to the organization, the university, and the community in a manner that focuses on the intrinsic value of our team members:

  • The CIO Award is presented at the discretion of the CIO and acknowledges exceptional work of OSU IT community members exemplifying OSU IT's goals.
  • Personalized letters from the CIO acknowledging professional milestones achieved by members of the OSU IT community.
  • Advocating for and elevating our distributed partners at OSU, the CIO will present boxed card sets to college deans and unit leaders encouraging the acknowledgment and recognition of efforts by distributed IT staff to build and sustain a culture of IT recognition across OSU.

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Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer recognition is a vital part of OSU IT's culture. We encourage employees to give each other praise for work that's well done, as well as our managers to promote this level of recognition consistently across OSU's IT community. It is especially important that individuals feel valued for the work they accomplish. Consider these four skills of authentic appreciation:

  • Learn the appreciation styles of others. Effective appreciation is expressed in the style of the recipient.
  • Focus your expressions of appreciation on aspects of the individual.
  • Express only that appreciation which is genuinely felt by you.
  • Express your appreciation for co-workers as a regular aspect of your working relationships.

Current OSU IT community members can also post recognition in the OSU IT Kudos teams channel. You may also reference our mini-guide to building a culture of appreciation.



The IT Recognition Committee is responsible for advising OSU’s CIO and other IT leaders on strategic directions for professional recognition. The committee is tasked with designing a recognition program for the OSU IT workforce that’s: 

  • Customized to motivate and honor our IT workers 

  • Aligned with our cultural commitment, as defined in OSU IT Strategic Plan 

  • Transparent in how recognition plans are created and put forth into action


Committee Members

  • Kristina Case, UIT (Co-Chair)
  • Andy Cadotte, DFA IT (Co-Chair)
  • David Armstrong, CoB
  • Devin Ascherl, OSU-Cascades
  • Max Cohen, UIT
  • Eric Gleske, UIT
  • Wayne Jardine, UIT
  • Ramee Kelly, UIT
  • Margaret Mellinger, Valley Library
  • Sean McGlothlin, UIT
  • Teresa Preddy, UIT
  • Mark Stevenson, UIT
  • Andrew Wheeler, UIT