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2023 CIO Excellence Award Winners

The CIO Excellence Award is presented by the CIO to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional work of the OSU IT community within both central and distributed IT.

Alisha Brucker with David McMorries and Andrea Ballinger
Alisha Brucker

Executive Assistant, UIT

Ben Wessel with Paul Odenthal and Andrea Ballinger
Ben Wessel

Senior Director of IT, Finance & Administration

Casey Dinsmore with CJ Keist, Amy McLaughlin and Andrea Ballinger
Casey Dinsmore

Research Systems Engineer, Digital Research Infrastructure

Chifundo Lemani with Andrea Ballinger, Andrew Wheeler and Shayne Huddleston
Chifundo Lemani

INTO IT Coordinator, UIT Customer Experience

Dylan receiving CIO Recognition award.
Dylan Karambut

Telecom Info Tech, UIT Network & Telecom

Johan Reinalda with Andrea Ballinger and Amy McLaughlin
Johan Reinalda

Director, UIT Network & Telecom

Jonathan Roster receiving award from Andrea Ballinger
Jonathan Roster

Analyst Programmer, UIT Administrative Technologies

Kellie Walker with Chrysanthemum Hayes and Andrea Ballinger
Kellie Walker

Data Product Manager, UIT Data Solutions

Mike Akey with Dion Baird, Amy McLaughlin and Andrea Ballinger
Mike Akey

Operating Network Systems Analyst, UIT Infrastructure

Nathan Power with Dion Baird, Amy McLaughlin and Andrea Ballinger
Nathan Power

Cloud Platform Analyst, UIT Infrastructure

Ramee Kelly with David Barber and Andrea Ballinger
Ramee Kelly

Strategic Efforts Coordinator, Office of the CIO

Tom Ordeman with David McMorries, Andrea Ballinger and Marjorie McLagan
Tom Ordeman

Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager, Office of Information Security

Tyler Pruitt with Tim Bateman, Andrea Ballinger, Johan Reinalda and Amy McLaughlin
Tyler Pruitt

Senior Network Engineer, UIT Network & Telecom

Jemin Kim with Max Cohen, Andrea Ballinger and Andrew Wheeler
Jemin Kim

Student Technician, UIT Service Desk

Zach Bishop with Ben Wessel, Andrea Ballinger and Andy Cadotte
Zach Bishop

IT Consultant, Finance & Administration

Polly Harrell with Paul Odenthal, Ben Wessel and Andrea Ballinger
Polly Harrell

Director of Business Architecture, Finance & Administration

Devin Ascherl
Devin Ascherl

IT Tech Coordinator, OSU-Cascades

David McMorries with Ed Feser and Andrea Ballinger
David McMorries

Chief Information Security Officer, UIT

Ben Shields with Andrea Ballinger
Ben Shields

Endpoint Management Team, UIT Office of Information Security

Andrew Struthers with Andrea Ballinger
Andrew Struthers

IT Consultant, Recreational Sports

Jon Dorbolo with Scott Emery, Andrea Ballinger and Shayne Huddleston
Jon Dorbolo

OCM and Training Manager, UIT Business Architecture

Marc Cholewczynski, Don DeMello and Brendan Brucker with Amy McLaughlin, Kristina Case and Andrea Ballinger
Marc Cholewczynski

Associate Director of Technical Servicies, Academic Technologies

Don DeMello

Associate Director of Classroom Technology Services, Academic Technologies

Brendan Brucker

Media Services Manager, Academic Technologies

Kent Kuo

Director, Administrative Technologies

Eddy Beamer

ERP Student Team, Administrative Technologies (not pictured)

Deb Maguire

Analyst Programmer, Administrative Technologies (not pictured)

Shari Tanguay

Analyst Programmer, Administrative Technologies (not pictured)

Matt Hansen

Associate Director, Digital Experience

Hector Trujillo

CRM Administrator & Developer, Digital Experience


CJ Keist

Enterprise HPC Cluster Ops, Digital Research Infrastructure

Sarah Payne

IT Strategic Communications Coordinator, UIT

Kirsten Peterson

Director, Service Desk

Jennifer Koehne

Procurement Contracts Officer, Division of Finance & Administration

Amy McLaughlin and Andrea Ballinger
Amy McLaughlin

Executive Director, Technical & Solutions Architecture

Amy McLaughlin, Dion Baird, Joseph Duncan and Andrea Ballinger
Joseph Duncan

On Prem + Cloud Infrastructure Team Lead, Infrastructure

Challenge Coin Design
Thomas Olson

Senior Research Infrastructure Architect, CEOAS

Andrea Ballinger, Marjorie McLagan and David McMorries
Marjorie McLagan

Deputy CISO, UIT

Andrea Ballinger and Terralyn Vandetta
Terralyn Vandetta

IT Director, College of Forestry

Alan Sprague and Andrea Ballinger
Alan Sprague

Engineer/Systems Administrator, College of Business

David McMorries, Marjorie McLagan, Doug Weir and Andrea Ballinger
Doug Weir

Manager, Identity & Access Management

Andrea Ballinger, Johan Reinalda, Tim Bateman and Amy McLaughlin
Tim Bateman

Manager, Network Operations Center

Lucas Friedrichsen (second from right) with Sam Williams, Andrew Wheeler and Andrea Ballinger.
Lucas Friedrichsen

Service Delivery Team, UIT

Challenge Coin Design
Jonah Fenn

Web Developer, UIT Digital Experience

Andrea Ballinger, Gwen Malachias, Max Cohen and Kirsten Petersen
Gwen Malachias

Service Desk Student Team, UIT

Challenge Coin Design
Josh Zojonc

Enterprise Architect, UIT