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Digital Research Infrastructure

Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) supports research and classroom instructional computing at Oregon State University, providing easy access to advanced high-performance computing, data storage, data sharing, server housing space for research collocation, and consultation services for remote cloud computing.

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Data Science @ OSU

Data Science @ OSU (DS @ OSU) places powerful computational environments and resources at the fingertips of students and instructors. It's designed to support interactive data science and provides over 40 programming languages in a streamlined and highly accessible cloud environment, making data sciences understandable, repeatable, and shareable. 



High Performance Computing

DRI is home to Oregon State University's research computing cluster, which encompasses four classes of compute nodes. The DRI team will work with you to set up the right type of compute node to meet your needs. 

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Servers + Storage

DRI can help set up OSU researchers with virtual or physical servers and also hosts a local secure shared file service, providing OSU researchers with convenient low-cost storage space.

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